Dog Jacket Buyer's Guide

Top Rated  Dog Jackets for the Long Winter Ahead.

Best Top Rated Winter Dog Jackets

Don't let the Winter weather dampen the fun you share outside with your dog. Dog Jackets are designed and Tested in Oregon. They are built with top quality fabrics and offer the best fit for all shapes and sizes of dogs.

* Reflective Fabric keeps you and your dog safe 

* Recycled Fleece is cozy and better for the environment

* Waterproof jackets keep the rain and snow off your dog for longer outdoor adventures

* Windproof fleece encircles your dog & keeps your dog's core temperature up during Winter romps

Review these top rated winter dog jackets and find the best one for your dog's activities and style.

Waterproof Fleece Lined Dog Rain Jacket

 Water proof Fleece Dog Jacket 

* Fleece Lined

* Water Proof Shell

* Reflective Trim

* Adjustable Buckles that tuck and do not put pressure on your dog

Puffy Insulated DWR coated Dog Jacket

* Highly Insulated for warmth

* Waterproof shell

* Adjustable buckles with garage so no pressure or rubbing on dog

* Reflective Trim

Windproof & Waterproof Bonded Fleece Dog Jacket


* Snug Fit for increased warmth

* Easy On/Off Zippered design

* Waterproof and Windproof

* Reflective

Fleece Dog Jacket 


* Recycled Fleece

* Reflective

* Core Warmth

* Easy on/off Zipper

High Visibility Dog Rain Jacket


* Blaze Orange High Visibility

* Reflective

* Easy on/off