Durable vs. Disposable Dog Beds: 

What will you choose?

Don't bargain on your dog's comfort.  A dog bed can be made to last and we offer dog beds that look beautiful, wash nicely, and will stand the test of time.

Big Wags Dog Beds are not Cheap!  We agree with you. In fact, our dog beds are pricey.  There is a reason for that.   

At Big Wags, our background is in human apparel design and manufacturing. Using our familiarity with fabric costs, product design, and manufacturing, we want to shed some light on what really differentiates a quality dog bed over a disposable and low-cost dog bed.  

Big Wags cares about quality fabrics, construction, and the environment on everything we sell. 

We hope you do too.

Big Wags Dog Beds are made of:

So what is the difference between durable vs. disposable dog beds...?

We know there are very cheap dog beds at every major retailer. We see them all of the time. We understand why people buy them.  We cringe on behalf of the dog that have to sleep on them.  

What looks good from a distance deserves closer inspection...

Many dog beds at big retailers are cute and cuddly. They seem perfectly suitable for our pups. They are also a bargain.  We see this at Target, Costco, the Home Goods store...even Petsmart and Petco.

In reality, they are all selling "quantity" rather than "quality."  Realistically, major retailers can't sell a $60-200 dog bed. So they don't try. But we want to highlight the differences between a quality dog bed and cheap costing dog bed. We want to help you make a better decision for your dog's comfort and joy. We also believe, you can buy 1 dog bed during the course of your dog's life rather than several.

More than ever, big retailers are tapping into our love for our dogs. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Big retailers operate on price points, margins, and sell-through. The buyer in charge of the pet department is responsible for driving revenue with good profitability.

If the price point is not logical for the target market ...the product will never hit the shelves. As a result, they are made of low-cost fabrics and fills. They are made oversees with limited quality control and supervision. There are no "non-toxic" guarantees.  Unless the customer starts to demand it, the retailer really only cares about the price point and the margin.  

The fact that you may need to buy more than 1 disposable dog beds in 1 year...makes the category even stronger for big box retailers.  They love the idea that you will come back for another cheap bed as soon as yours starts to smell or flattens out.  

Until customers demand more visibility on safer fabrics, safe manufacturing standards (ie chemical toxins in fabrics), and durable construction, you will not see high quality dog beds at a major retailer. 

Dog Beds sold in-store at big box retailers like Target, Walmart, Costco, Petco, Petsmart:

The buyer is just doing their job. They are doing a good job. It just is not a great product or a good bed for your dog.

The reason you won't see high quality dog beds at major retailers or even major pet retailers like Pet Smart is because the buyers really don't believe you will spend the money...so they don't offer them.  Similarly, grocery stores did not offer organic food until consumers started actually demanding it. Presently, the bummer regarding cheap dog beds is that they are constructed so cheaply that they are essentially "disposable dog beds." This takes a toll on the environment and over time it takes a toll on your wallet.

The Big Wags Difference...

There truly are very few manufacturers offering top quality dog beds. We have selected Bowsers, West Paw and Sleepy Pod  as they are invested in making the best quality product for a reasonable price.  We selected them for the exterior fabric quality, the fill/cushion quality, washability, commitment to design and great color options.  They are also committed to sourcing recycled and organic fabrics.

Additionally, all of these manufacturers consider how different dogs like to sleep. Whether they curl-up into a ball...sprawl-out, or snuggle-in.  Therefore, there are a variety of shapes to choose from. These manufacturers also design for the comfort and orthopedic support for our more fragile dogs.  All of these elements roll up into a quality dog bed.  Ultimately,we know who and where our beds are made and we really believe in the quality of the construction and the integrity of the design.

Thanks to high quality dog beds made in the USA and Canada, Big Wags offers your dog a dog bed for life. 

Big Wags chooses to offer dog beds that are safer for your dog's health and are more orthopedically supportive to your dog's lifelong physical needs.  

Our Dog Beds cost more because they are:

Thank you for considering your dog's comfort.  As people who care about the manufacturing process and the environment, we Thank You for not selecting a disposable dog bed.

Deciding on the Best Dog Bed for your Dog. 

Consider how they sleep:

How Does Your Dog Like to Sleep?


Consider buying:


Consider buying:

Consider buying:

 Orthopedic Support?

Consider buying:

Does your Dog chew everything but still need a bed?

Does your Dog Sleep in a Kennel?

Every dog is different. Take your time in selecting the right dog bed for your dog's sleeping style.

Every Dog deserves a nice spot to sleep.