It's time for Happy Hour! Actually, it's called Yappy Hour!

Yappy Hour Cypress Inn Carmel Calfironia Pet Friendly Hotels in California

Carmel, California is the Most Dog Friendly City in the USA.  We agree with this award! Whether it is the Off-Leash Dog Beach, the multitude of Dog Friendly Restaurants (fine dining included), or the Pet Friendly Hotels that this small village offers....It is "Yappy Hour" at the Cypress Inn, that is our favorite.  

You are welcome to bring your dog to "Yappy Hour" at Doris Day's Hotel, the Cypress Inn,  in Carmel, California.  Not only will you get nice drink specials, but you can enjoy them with your dog in attendance inside or outside on the garden patio! 

We recommend that you stay at this beautiful hotel with your pup. You will both enjoy a long weekend of strolls on the beach or shopping in the village.  The hotel staff can even offer a list of local quality pet sitters that will care for your dog in your room so your dog is never left unattended should you want to go out for a night on the town.

Are you ready to Race to Happy Hour / Yappy Hour? 

We are! Cypress Inn Carmel, California Pet Friendly Hotels Bay Area

Cypress Inn Dog Friendly Pet Friendly Hotel

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