Do You have a plan for your Pets should you die unexpectedly or are facing terminal illness? 

We hate to think about life without our dogs...But have you clearly made a play for your dog should something happen to you?

These are sensitive subjects. However, we all must look at long term care for our pets in the event of the unexpected.

500,000 Dogs land in Shelters every year because of the death or illness of their owner. Establishing a legal Pet Trust can insure your animal has a safe transition should something happen to you. A Will is not enough to protect your pet during the time it takes to administer the will. This fragile window is when many dogs end up at a shelter. 

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is a leader in planning for future dog care & rescuing dogs when their owners are terminally ill or have died.

Follow this link to their site for local options in the Monterey Bay Area

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

More resources for planning for your a Pet Trust Guaranteeing your Pet's care should you die or become terminally ill:

ASPCA on topics to consider when developing a Pet Trust 

Doris Day's Animal League

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