Search and Rescue Dogs Love these! Now we are sharing the easy recipe with you!

Ever wonder what's in your dog treats?

So do we!

Enjoy this easy to make home made dog treat recipe that will leave your pup drooling for more.

We were given this dog treat recipe by a woman who trains search and rescue dogs.

I had commented to her that my dog was no longer responding to treats during our training sessions.

She explained that I needed a "Higher Value" dog treat.  She uses this recipe to be sure the dogs she trains stay motivated as they learn increasingly complex commands.  

We love this recipe because it is healthy and affordable.  Dogs love it because it is really tasty.


  • 12 oz Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs 
  • 3+ Cups of your Dog's Food


  • Jelly Roll (sided Baking Sheet)
  • Parchment Paper
  • Knife

Baking Time & Temperature:

  • 200 Degrees
  • 1.5 Hrs


  • Store in the Refrigerator

Preparation Steps:

Cut into bite size rounds or 1/4s & Bake on a jelly roll pan or cookie sheet with sides.



Before you bake ...Mix in your dogs kibble so the juices soak into the kibble.

Bake slowly at about 200 degrees until they look like a lot of the juices have dried out. 

The Hot dogs will look a little like jerky.

Not only does this help recipe help you through some of the common training hurdles but also gives you a high value and cost effective treat.

Most importantly, you know exactly what your treats are made of.

The only drawback is your hands smell like hot dogs! Ha!



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