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Temps are rising and Asphalt may burn your dogs paws. Avoid walking your dog on asphalt and in the heat of the day.


You may think it is not too hot to take your dog for a walk, run, or a hike...but check the UV index with apps like weather underground to know what the "real feel is" and then imagine you are a dog with fur coat and can't sweat walking on pavement that is over 100 degrees F. Heat Stroke Kills Dogs.

Just once a year Big Wags offers 25% off everything in our store. We hope you enjoy treating your dog to something special. is dedicated to selling quality made in the USA, non-Toxic dog beds, clothes, and dog toys. We also support rescuing dogs in need.  Happy Holidays from          

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  Our own dogs bring comfort and joy into our daily lives.  The simple act of being present and full of love is part of their powerful nature.   Over the weekend, a unique group arrived in Newtown, Connecticut to offer comfort to the community through the presence of Golden Retrievers. These particular dogs are called Comfort Dogs. They are fully trained service dogs by the non-profit charity K9 Parish Lutheran Church Charities. This charity offers the special and unique healing presence that only a dog can offer during times of trauma. Big Wags wants to highlight the good work of..

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We want your Dog to Sparkle during the upcoming Holiday Season! So Big Wags is giving you $10 off on orders for our Crystal Diamond Dog Collar. 5 Rows of Crystals Guarantee your dog will sparkle and Shine. These are hand made in Michigan and take 10 days to make. So get your orders in now to be sure you ring in the holiday season and New Year with style and Bling!

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Big Wags Reveals our Holiday Gift Guide. Ruby Reveals a few of her Favorite Things! Kick off your Holidays and put your dog at the top of your gift list.  Let the fun begin! Best Dog Gifts of 2012

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More than ever, dogs take center stage in weddings.  Big Wags has found a beautiful way to make sure Toto is looking the best on the big wedding day. You can search the internet for the ideal wedding dog collar or wedding dog tuxedo...but nothing will be more timeless and fabulous than our wedding dog appropriate Crystal Diamond Bling Dog Collar.  These collars are made with real crystals and have a sparkle that is unmatched. These collars are made by hand in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  By supporting the crafts people that make these collars we support local USA made artisans...

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Aloha from Hawaii!

by Ruby M

Big Wags is proud to be launching our website from the amazing North Shore of Hawaii.  As you can see by this photo some dogs are really living the good life.   5% of your purchase will help save homeless dogs from high kill shelters. Shop Big Wags and you will give your dog the best and help one in need. We have searched the globe to bring you and your dog the best made products on the planet.  We filtered through the junky dog products on the market so you don't have to.  We only select dog products designed..

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