More than ever, dogs take center stage in weddings.  Big Wags has found a beautiful way to make sure Toto is looking the best on the big wedding day.

You can search the internet for the ideal wedding dog collar or wedding dog tuxedo...but nothing will be more timeless and fabulous than our wedding dog appropriate Crystal Diamond Bling Dog Collar.  These collars are made with real crystals and have a sparkle that is unmatched.

These collars are made by hand in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  By supporting the crafts people that make these collars we support local USA made artisans.  If you are looking for less bling, check out our pearl beaded dog collars.  Pearls are never out of style.

Check out our Rainbow Dog Collars.  They are hand-made by Kenyan Maasai mother's and are fair trade crafted.

Note: Our Amazing Wedding Dog Photography is provided by KT Merry Photography