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Designer Dog

Big Wags has filtered out the junk on the market for dog products and carefully selected well made and beautiful products you would be proud to have in your home and more importantly safe and comfortable for your dog.  You may find our prices higher but we will impress you with our quality and the promise that each product we offer will last a very long time.  

We carefully select custom crafted dog beds that come in a variety of designer fabrics so you can customize your dog bed fabric to look great with any interior design. 

Big Wags elevated dog feeder bowls, custom leather dog collars, and high quality dog jackets and sweaters are all designed to beautiful and serve a useful function for your dog. 

Like you, Big Wags cares about the environment and we offer recycled dog beds, organic dog beds, as well as dog raincoats and jackets that use recycled materials.

We have searched and found crafts people that hand make with great care and craftsmanship everything you see in our shop.  We know who makes our products and we are proud to share the best made dog products on the market. 

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