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Dog Collar Sizing Guide

Collars are based on a "True Neck Size" Fit:

Too Tight & Too High Up               Too Loose....                   Just Right

How To Measure your Dog's Collar:
  1. Use string, ribbon, or cloth measuring tape and wrap it around your dog's neck where the collar will comfortably rest.
  2. Identify in inches the True Size of your dog's neck and select this size. The above dog would order a size 16 Inch Collar.
  3. Our collars will fit the 3rd punch hole. This allows you flexibility to adjust the collar up or down as your dog ages.
Measure from a Collar your dog already wears: 
  1. Lay the collar flat and measure from where the material folds at the buckle post to hole that is usually worn in.  The below collar size to order would be a 20 inch collar. 

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