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Best- Dog Bed Review 2014

How does your Dog Sleep? 


Before you buy a new dog bed, consider how your dog likes to sleep.  Does your dog  curl-up into a ball...sprawl-out, or snuggle-in? There are a variety of shapes to choose from. All Big Wags dog beds offer comfort and orthopedic support or memory foam for the most fragile dogs.  

 Our beds are non-toxic and made only in the USA or Canada. We guarantee the quality of the construction and the integrity of each design. 

Big Wags offers your dog a dog bed for life. 

Our Dog Beds are finer quality for a variety of reasons:


Consider buying:


Consider buying:

Consider buying:

 Orthopedic Support?

Consider buying:

Does your Dog chew everything but still need a bed?


Does your Dog Sleep in a Kennel?

Don't bargain on your dog's comfort.  A dog bed can be made to last and we offer dog beds that look beautiful, wash nicely, and will stand the test of time.

Big Wags Dog Beds are built to last for years of daily washing and wear.  


Every dog is different. Take your time in selecting the right dog bed for your dog's sleeping style.

Every Dog deserves a nice spot to sleep.

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