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XL Wide Primary: Kenyan Maasai Beaded Dog Collar (2 inches wide - Tapers on ends)



Support Kenyan Maasai Mothers.

Each beaded collar is a unique work of art. It takes her one day to create a collar.

Your purchase supports her ability to earn a living and maintain a rural and more traditional lifestyle raising her children at home.

Beads are hand sewn in leather, then an overlay of leather is glued and stitched on the back.

Buckles are solid, hand-cast recycled brass.  Designer Dog Collars made with heart.


Measure Your Dog using this SIZE CHART

XL Wide Lurcher Style: 2 Inch Wide Collar tapers on each end
  • 12 Inch   - Tapers to 1/2 inch
  • 14 Inch   - Tapers to 3/4 inch
  • 16 Inch   - Tapers to 1 inch
  • 18 Inch   - Tapers to 1 inch
  • 20 Inch   - Tapers to 1 inch
  • 22 Inch   - Tapers to 1 inch


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